Miller Environmental, Inc. provides emergency response services where crews are available to respond to hazardous situations on a 24/7 basis. Miller Environmental has been involved in emergency response operations where petroleum compounds and a wide variety of chemicals have been removed from impacted areas (roadways, soil horizons and streams).

24/7 Emergency Response

Miller Environmental provides UST and AST installation, cleaning, inspection and removal services. In addition, we test product distribution lines for regulatory compliance using an Acurite™ Pipeline Tester.

In addition to transporting nonhazardous and hazardous waste materials, Miller Environmental provides waste management services.

Miller Environmental provides soil and groundwater sampling services to determine whether or not remediation may be required.  In addition to fieldwork, we offer consulting services and prepare a variety of reports that are submitted to regulatory agencies including Site Characterizations and Corrective Action Plans.

Miller Environmental personnel can enter tanks

under Confined Space Permit protocol to ensure that your storage tanks are cleaned to your specifications. In addition, we offer oil-water separator and pipeline cleaning.

Tank, Separator, and  Pipeline Cleaning

Soil & Groundwater Sampling and Remediation

Nonhazardous & Hazardous Waste Disposal

UST & AST Installation, Repairs, and Removal

24/7 Telephone (888) 988-8655

Miller Environmental, Inc.